Friday, 7 August 2015

Women Sexual Life


A very big thank you to my "Friends" that came to support my "Women Sexual Life" Workshop on 12th July, at the Blanchardstown Library.

My appreciation to Folake Jubril, Tina Akinola-Jinad, Tracey Arkins, Iman modest wears, Ebun Akpoveta, Dr Livingstone Thompson and Ivie for their contribution toward being part of the success of the workshop.

Most of all God Jehovah for the begining of a great thing in my life and my love to my children The workshop was a great success and well attended by the participant that took part.

We had an up coming make-up artist "Tracey Arktins" she did the make up for most of the and did a demonstration with beauty tips. "Tina Tinuke Akinola-Jinad" also was there to showcase her ankara for the Ankara Carnival coming up in October at the Gresham Hotel costing 30euro for those that will be interested in buying.

A special tribute was also made in respect of the mother of one of the Director of Afro in Diaspora Center "Folake Freda Jubril" that lost her mother to cancer.

The workshop was fun and full of activities, stall by Purple Vine with 50% sales on her bags and Iman Modest Wear from Artlone.

These are some of the question that came up at the workshop by the participant and I believe most speak for all the women out there!
Question: How do other women feel about going through the menopause?
Answer: We all feel different about menopause but it's a natural process that every woman will have to go through, so we need to develop a positive attitude toward it. If you become sexual very active during the period of menopause than you will never notice that it’s happen. More sex does help, it doesn’t have to be sexual intercourse but a "Positive Sexual Thinking" Thinking sexually by changing your mind setting toward sex and your body expression, eating well and more outing all will help us as women in coping at the stage. Menopause (MEN-oh-pawz) is a normal stage in a woman's life when her monthly period comes to an end.
Question: Is it a shame to do "A Blow Job" on your husband?
Answer: I don’t think it's a shame to do anything in this world with your husband, but it depends on the attitude both of you have toward having sex as a couple. It’s very important that as a couple you develop a positive mental approach to sex, educate yourself about the fact of having sex. You have to understand that you are both expressing your love through making love together as one and knowing that it's an act of love making and there are no set rules, ways or method that is either wrong or right but what is right is what you both feel comfortable about doing with each other. Also it should be both ways that is vice versa.
Question: View or Opinion on Sex Toys?
Answer: It depend if you both love to explore. Just remember that it allows you discover yourself but I won’t advice that if you are single to get use to making use of Sex toys because it can become an addiction which can affect your relationship.
Question: How do you know if a man loves you?
Answer: Believe me that his a very difficult one to say but what am sure of, is that it's more easy to know when a man is Sexually attracted to you than if he loves you.
Question: What makes a man to change from responsible to irresponsible?
Answer: Weakness’, lack of faith, and thoughtfulness.

Ladies this is just the beginning of fun educative sexual life.
Susuana Olatunji- Komolafe CEO, Afro in Diaspora Center Freelance Training, Entertainment and Sexology Consultant Email: Website:

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