Saturday, 9 May 2015

An Audience with Susuana.O.M Olatunji Komolafe@ Waterford

An Audience with Susuana.O.M  Olatunji Komolafe@ Waterford
Susuana Road-shows Workshop
Title: “A Woman’s World” & Mini Fashion Show
Theme: Transforming Life
As a woman I have come to the realization of the importance of playing my role within the society, in the world and as a believer in creating a comfort zone for every woman in life and in our spiritual journey with our Creator. 

A qualified educationist and a qualified trainer, with master's in Business Administration and having undergone training in various different field. As a woman with various experiences, this helps me in delivering the best service I can in working with people and making my dream and peoples dream achievable.

I started the workshop as far back as 2012 " where I experiment with my close friends that came to support my "Women Sexual Life" Workshop on 12th July, 2012 at the Blanchardstown Library for the very first time and ever since am on the road facilitating the workshop to transform life in their marriages and relationship. The main aim of the workshop is to encourage women to exploit their sexuality and take pleasure in being a partaker of sexual relationship by building their confidence to ask, seek sexual pleasure without feeling that it’s not their place to “Enjoy Love making but Men” I realize that so many women feel it’s wrong to express their feeling during such time or ask from their partner if they feel like.

Everyone this is just the beginning of fun educative sexology workshop and life transforming which you can’t afford to miss.

“Happiness is not what you find outside of your body. It lies deep inside you. The key to your happiness only lies in your own hands so do not deprive yourself of it and allow nothing take or stop you from expressing a wonderful that magnificent feeling as a woman” Susuana.O.M
Date: 13th June, 2015. Venue: Dooley Hotel, Waterford, Ireland.
Time: 12:00 noon -5:00 pm. Ticket: Single €30, Couples €50

Susuana Olatunji- Komolafe CEO, Afro in Diaspora Center Freelance Facilitator,Trainer, Entertainment and Sexology Consultant

Monday, 4 May 2015

Power of Sharing "I meet someone Ava Brown"

Oh! I have a vision, am proceeding towards that vision and I need support but mostly from people that care. I have a vision to make my dream come to life and to make others dream achievable to the best of my ability as a woman.

Ava Brown : In this courageous story of growing up in one of the poorest areas of Jamaica, Ava Brown learned the life lessons of perseverance and survival

I meet Ava Brown, she was introduce to me by a woman "Jean- Marie .A.Thompson that went out of her way in supporting that vision in making others dream achievable, she believe in me and also in Ava Brown.

Ava Brown & Jeam-Marie. A. Thompson

Ava Brown & Deputy Alan Shatter

Ava Brown started her journey with me as one of my guest speaker at the National Conference African History Month Ireland , where she launch her first ever book published here in Ireland and the book was launch by Former Minister for justice Alan Shatter a man with a clear vision for integration.  Ava Brown an Author and Motivational Speaker share from her new book at the conference to inspire others. All the way from UK she share with us her life in St Elizabeth, Jamaica, Ava Brown inspiring journey the story of how she went from a country girl to a corporate queen. The book has managed to travel into over 25 countries in less than two months and on that day Ireland became the 26th countries to share in her journey. 

Since meeting Ava Brown I have decide to follow her closely , we have had reason to share, share things private and personal, hopefully we have share dreams and inspire each other and I believe the journey just began.

The problem in life is not always about letting go but learning to start over again. Ava brown a mother of two presently, life as change with the success of her new book, getting award left and right, being recognized for her progress and impact

Ava Brown New Book; "THE MUSING & THOUGHTS OF AVA BROWN". Less than a year she already published two books, known everywhere enough for people to leave the sit for her on the train, wow!!

See what Angie Le Mar had to say : " Ava Brown is truly inspirational, I love women who stand up and change the world, women who own their lives, and are not afraid to tell their stories. Ava values her humble beginnings, and this has catapulted her to becoming such a wonderful success story.
God has blessed her with a heart that wants to enable others to dream and succeed. Be inspired by her work. I salute Ava Brown."
Ava Brown is moving at a very fast speed, Well she did it again after her successful debut book Bamboo & Fern. Ava Brown living a life of a Cooperate Queen.

I wonder sometimes do we ever found happiness in life or do we just keep pursuing happiness and never get there, for Ava Brown "A home in Ireland on a farm with a brook too, where she can just write".   So hopefully Ava will join her Aunt Jean-Marie Thompson here in Ireland to experience family and love which if possible lead to happiness.

Compose by Susuana.O.M Olatunji Komolafe. A woman of all