Tuesday, 29 October 2013

One World Week 2013 - The world young people want


We are taking part in the "One World Week 2013" theme: The World Young People Want, as part of our program during the Africa History Month Ireland 2013, @ the Galway Opening Event: Westside Library on the 16th of November, 2013. 11 am arrival and program start 12 noon to 5 pm. 16th is a SATURDAY a day out for the family to come and join us, bring your kids, friend and all is welcome. We will have great African food available by 365 African-Cuisine Dublin and Lilian Ajajiton Food. We are also having various stall and art exhibition from Bee Sanyanga. This just a few of what to come. Don't miss out!!!

We are partly supported by National Youth Council of Ireland.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013



GoFunding, Fund Our Project

22nd Cavan Library 11am -4:30, 22nd Nelson Mandela Resource Center, No-boring Junction, Duleek Business Park, Co. Meath, 8pm =2pm and 24th Carlton Hotel Blanchardstown Tylrrestown, Dublin 15. Starting 3pm - 8pm is the next stop to come and Join us in celebrating "Africa History Month Ireland" November 2013.

16th was the Opening Ceremony of the Africa History Month Ireland, November 2013 after 15days from the beginning of November, 1st- 15th of Media, Social Media, Radio Interview, Newspaper promotion and Creating the awareness of African presence here in Ireland and with the support of great eminent people here in Ireland and abroad.

We also Join "Women Aid" in the 16Days of Action with the National Ballon Action by letting off the Ballon @ the Celebration of Africa History @ Galway, Westside, say that as women we should speak out against violence in anyform, use our voice, fellow Africa Women please dont be Trapped Prison without Walls.

I want to say it kick up superbly with an "Interactive Interview Workshop and Exhibition at Galway, Westside Library with the chief host Susuana.O.M.

Thanks to all the staff of the Westside library, Galway, the guest speakers which were the focus of the Interactive Interview Workshop, Dr. Kelvin O'sulliavian, Barrister Olufemi, appreciation to the Official photographer and video coverage prospero infou, Uche Onyenagubo for his creative background that showcase all the 58 Africa Countries that makes up the continent "AFRICA", Michael who has given us space in Dublin to use as an office with is loyalty to the project, Adekunle for is immaculate exhibition, Greg Duff for is exhibition, phumla Golodo & Friends for her great contributions since i choose Galway as our destination to celebrate the event, pastor Issac Adewola as our official spiritual father of the day, my love and thanks to m friend Dr Livingstone Thompson of Living Cultural Solution & family for his support always with the Technical Equipment use to make the event projection great and for welcoming me always when ask, to my kids, Joseph Olatunji, Salanto going for audition for Britain Got talent that entertain us with is dancing moves, wish all the best, he was there to grant us interview to encourage the young , youth on the celebration of the "ONE WORLD WEEK 2013" Theme: The World Young People Want£ He said a world without killing, thank you again for that fun interactive interview with us.

Thanks to all participant in and out to view the exhibition. Great thanks to my Team working day and night on this project, Angela, Godfrey you are beautiful, Adekunle again, Victor Oduko for his great poem "Africa my Africa". I say again every single person, soul that is supporting us still.

Most of all my "Gratitude is to my creator "Jehovah God" My Lord, Holy Ghost for given me the strength to keep going, financial support, health, love from great friends, my Sister Lara Atunwa, Mum Olawunmi Olatunji and Late Father Chief Afolabi Olatuniji building me with what I have today and ability for the creativity and tot which help me @ Galway

I have decided that during the month of November, which is for celebrating “AHMI” am going to attend all event, program and activities that is promoting African’s here in Ireland and with the support of “AfricaVoice Newspaper” I was able to attend and represent my organisation, my own media house which is one of the proud media sponsor for “Miss Africa Ireland” to witness the crowing of the 14th Miss Africa Ireland ‘TINA NSUBUGA’ from Uganda born new Queen representing herself and her Country. This year, the Miss Africa Ireland has celebrated its 13th anniversary. The Most Beautiful African Girl in Ireland beauty pageant, organised by Tritees Promotions, took place on the 2nd of November 2012 in Dublin, Ireland. Tina the initiator, Chairperson of the program with the support of newly wedded Folusho Famoyin Egbon and Tunde Moshood both are dear friends. The organisation is burning with a desire to unite immigrants in Ireland, promote African cultural heritage and inter-weave various cultures by putting together shows, lectures, seminars, conferences and exhibitions. There are two major annual multicultural fashion and beauty shows organised by Tritees Miss Africa Ireland Beauty Contest and Ankara Carnival Ireland/Nigerian Independence Day Celebration. Tritees is a voluntary and non-profitable organisation which has been in existence since 1999. Tritees is holding the records as the first ever to venture into African events packaging in the Republic of Ireland.
As we celebrate Africa History Month Ireland, come and join me in embracing the greatness of this our continent “Africa” with the 58 Country within a continent second largest of his kind.